About Southern Cal Car Shows

100’s rumbling powerful works of art all gathered together at one time. If you haven’t figured out what we are talking about, we are talking about car shows. If you are a car enthusiast you are probably already getting excited just hearing the words "car show."

Let’s face it show n’ shines to car enthusiasts are the same as Halo tournaments to video gamers. They can be excited about them for an entire year and they don’t come around near enough.

SouthernCalCars.com is here to help car enthusiasts solve their problem. You don’t have to wait an entire year for your local car show to come around. Just about every month of the year has a car show going on. Some months have 5 or 6 happening.

We are not talking about car shows that are happening nationwide or even east coast car shows. We are just talking about the car show hosted in Southern California. Yep, a driving distance away.

You Can Find Them All On One Site

The best part is you don’t even have to look in a single phone book or even search the web to find them. You can find the best car shows of Southern California right here at SouthernCalCars.com.

The vast majority of the car shows feature classic cars, mostly from the 50’s to the 70’s. You can also find shows that feature certain makes of cars. Such as the Woodies at the Beach car show, The Los Angeles All Chevy Car Show and the Mustangs at the Queen Mary car show, to name a few.

You will also find many shows that include motorcycles or are exclusively for motorcycles.

These are just of a few of the types of shows you can find right here in Southern California. What ever is your passion, be it classic, vintage or modern, street rods, lowriders, Chevys or Fords or even auto expos you can find a show for you right here at SouthernCalCars.com.

We list all the top Los Angeles car shows, San Diego Car Shows as well as all other California shows south of the San Fransisco Bay Area.

To see what’s going on here in Southern California for 2014 check out our 2014 SOCAL Southern Cal Auto and Car Shows calender.

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